DEEP CUTS | 01 ft. The Music Machine

Welcome to Deep Cuts.

This is an attempt to spread the word about great bands or artists that kick serious ass but were somehow overlooked in their time. I'd like to introduce you to The Music Machine - a raspy, dark, organ-driven garage rock proto-punk band from 1966 fronted by Sean Bonniwell. 

The Music Machine

The Music Machine

Bonniwell describes the band as a vessel to create music with 'fuzz and fangs' and their album 'Turn On' delivers exactly that. 

A few personal favorites from a record that sound like if The Doors and The Zombies had Rosemary's baby include:

Come on in” -  the organ riff alone will put you in a trance.

Trouble” is a fuzz filled introspective look inside the mind of Bonniwell.

See See Rider” - a garage blues song in every sense of either word, a must listen track on this album.


After the band debut's album spawned the successful single "Talk Talk", the original line-up broke apart. Bonniwell continued on with The Music Machine and signed to Warner Bros Records, renaming the band “The Bonniwell Music Machine”. He eventually became unhappy with the way things were going and sold the band name rights to the label in order to be released from his contract.

There are so many good things to say about this band and only so many words in my vocabulary. So in short, I highly recommend getting on your computer and finding every song of theirs that you can. It may not be your cup of tea, but tea is gross anyway. - River DeVille

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