Karen O is unequivocally Karen O and that’s the best gift she could ever give any of us.

Photography by Eliot Lee Hazel

Photography by Eliot Lee Hazel

If I told you that Lux Prima hasn’t been on repeat for the past week, then I would be a liar.

This collaboration with Danger Mouse proves magical instantly when the first song blesses your eardrums. The title track, Lux Prima, makes it very clear that you’re about to embark on a sonic experience.

Theatrical moments are beautifully intertwined with powerhouse sounds. It has the ability to to make you feel and think deeply while simultaneously urging you to tell someone to fuck off. Art really does imitate life when there’s that perfect blend of soft and hard.


Drown is soft-spoken and pure, ‘Woman’ packs a heavy punch and honestly, I never wanted ‘Redeemer’ to end.

Ruby Villalobos