This was one of those nights, when you are sipping on some coffee & tea with a new friend discussing opportunities, being spontaneous, and new endeavors; when you finish your cup and hear this beat coming from the other side of the coffeehouse. After a couple minutes of staring back n forth, we decided to venture into the "beer lounge". At first, I had no idea where the music was coming from. It sounded slightly, hypnotic with a twist of Mario Brothers. Then about two songs before the set was over, I looked down and there was Max. Kneeling next to the PA system, holding a confusing instrument to me; it looked like a Gameboy. I almost thought he was playing a video game, but after a minute was music; he was literally playing a full set with a small device resembling the 90s gaming device. After that, the night took over and even though I couldn't stay throughout the whole concert, the two bands I saw were refreshing and new. The crowd too...everything was new. I felt like an oddball, but in a good way. The other band I saw before leaving was Van Delfeo, I think...? Completely different than Max's electric-game inspired beats. The instrumental section resembled surf/garage rock and his voice, even when not in tune was addicting.

 Sometimes music like such is my favorite to listen to live. It is spontaneous, and offbeat. It is enough to keep you wanting more and make your feet tap or your hip shake if you are into that. Rock N Roll will always be humanistic. It frees us, whether you are playing it or an audience member. So here is to spontaneous endeavors, new wonderments and memories. 

Photos and words by Richard Fusillo

Hello, World!

Ruby Villalobos