(Check out night one here.)


I personally had the humbling opportunity to get together with a small group of my dear friends and kick off night two. What was previously named after myself J.M. Baxter (due to getting my start playing solo) had grown to something larger than myself. So the unveiling of Lion Tamers was a perfect fit for this occasion. We got a chance to pretty up some of my sloppier songs and form them into pieces we could all be proud of. Largely in part due to none other than Joshua Cody and Aaron Lipari. We also somehow looped the amazing Brenneth Stevens into adding his iconic style into songs he'd previously not heard. Somehow in true Brenneth fashion, he managed to execute them brilliantly. 



The illustrious Alan Dahlquist came up next. With another ace up his sleeve in the form of, you guessed it, Brenneth Stevens. Alan has a way of writing and performing music that is even parts gut wrenching and spirit lifting. The type way that lets out a single tear while keeping a close eye on the ones you love. The world could use more humble and beautiful songwriters in his vein.

There were a few hiccups along the way, what with one of the scheduled musicians stuck in Mexico and another with a broken down car in Santa Maria. 

This didn't slow us down, in fact, it gave us extra time with one of my favorite local acts.

Good Brother, made up of Chandler Haynes and Austin I'Anson. They bring an Acoustic/Ambient Rock flare to songs that are nuanced yet reminiscent of songs by the likes of David Bazan and Damien Jurado. As long time members of the band The Ragged Jubilee, you can't help but think that the song styling is perhaps what they are supposed to be writing. So bone-chillingly poignant, and yet, raw and inviting. These boys put on one hell of a show.





The end of the night gave way to a little horseplay which mainly involved random members of all three groups to get together and play cover songs. A little Hungry Heart by Bruce Springsteen, and even yours truly ending the night off with Heart of Gold by Neil Young.

All of this went to show that if you believe in something in this life, you have to get up and work for it. It may have been given to you at will in the past but it won't always work that way. So do something, build something, sing something, stand up for something and as always, love one another.

From myself and everyone at the tabernacle,

Fuck you, Come again. 


Photos Provided By Benjamin Zucker

Words Provided by J.M. Baxter