January 20, 2017

Neal Breton hosted an art show appropriately named Pointless Paradise at Studio 2G in San Luis Obispo, CA with a plan to donate at least 10% of painting sales to Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. He's a great example that not only do we need to constantly create art in our community but also that we should use our talents to give back and help a cause. 

Christy Cozby had a few questions for the artist. Read his witty and ultra entertaining responses below. 

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THIRD GREY: Describe the spectacle in three words.

Location, Location, Location. No that’s the real estate motto. Bars. Beer. Buzzed. Wait, no. That’s Andy Bernard’s offer to Michael Scott in an episode of The Office. Pools. Plants. People? I don’t know. Alliteration is hard.  WHY DO I ONLY GET THREE WORDS WHAT KIND OF MAGAZINE IS THIS?!


TG: What goes through your mind during a show?

Usually I’m thinking about which Star Wars characters these people are. I saw a couple of Princess Leias but most people were just Ewoks. Luckily no Senator Palpatines were present.


TG: Flamingo cookies. Let’s talk about those along with the other thematic snacks.

My good buddy Jennifer Manuele made those cookies. She owns Sally Loo’s and you should go there and not Scout. She will be mad I said that because she is nice but seriously that Scout place gives me the heebie jeebies.


TG: How much time do you need to recover from public exposure?

Oh man. It depends. I would say I’m a bag of honey badgers at least two days before and two days after a show. I have pre show irritability and post show depression. And then there’s the scurvy and the erections lasting more than 4 hours.


TG: Are you moving on from pool paintings anytime soon?

No. Are you?


TG: Which choice is superior: crunchy peanut butter or smooth peanut butter?

This is really a situational question. Who is coming over? If my mom’s coming by, creamy. If the Pope visits, crunchy. If I’m putting it in my hair, creamy almond. Sure it’s a bit more expensive, but I’m worth it.


TG: Are any of your pieces are still available? (See photos below)

I can’t believe how many people came out and supported. There are a few pieces left. I’m donating 20% of all sales this year to charity, so buying a piece is win-win-win-lose. I win, you win, charity wins, fascism loses.



*You can expect to see a full feature on Neal in Volume 01 of Third Grey!